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Too early to make dreams come true

March 28, 2012


I have been a proponent of a One World Government for as long as I can remember, I believe that whether we like it or not this is the way civilization will go in the future, after all, as the world becomes more and more educated it is only natural that the ignorants who believe they are different to other humans and that therefore they have a right to live as separate nations, will one day be relinquished to the pages of history.

It will happen, it is an unavoidable part of our evolving society because unless we find new worlds in which to live separate lives there is no other choice but for all of us to live together in this tiny little island in the cosmos, however that is something for the future, it should be obvious to most people that right now human conditions, cultural differences and too much of a diversity in religious beliefs make it too difficult a proposition for a one world government to happen any time soon.

This of course is something that every politician in the world knows, many of them also believe in one world government and the unity of all people, but they also know that in a world full of ignorance where many people still believe their own race, creed or colour is somehow greater than that of others it would be political suicide for any politician to so much as mention their believing in the ideals of a global system.

Which brings me to my point, that of Senator Bob Brown, leader of the Australian Green Party, the man who would be king and also the very person who assisted Julia Gillard in removing our elected Prime Minister from office, legally it might not be treason but there is many an Aussie out there who wouldn’t give a hoot if they saw this man hanging from a tree because of it.

And politically speaking, one can come no closer to hanging from a tree as when Bob Brown made the following speech at a recent conference in Tasmania:

“Let us here in Hobart, and around the world, resolve that through global democracy we shall save the Earth. Let Australia take the lead in peacefully establishing a global parliament. Let us create a global democracy and parliament under the grand idea of one planet, one person, one vote, one value.”

I have never liked ignorance, I believe it is easily removed by attending schools and learning from books and other means however right now I am glad such people exist because revenge can never be as sweet as watching the ones Senator Brown believes will support him, start coming out of the woodwork and kick him right in his “politicals” for the comments he was just ever so stupid to make.

It was a blessing watching the Labor Party get booted out of Queensland’s political landscape, it will be a bonus watching the Greens disappear in almost the same way, perhaps they might cease to exist altogether, who knows how lucky we’ll get this time around.

I’d bet anything that Ruddie is right now choking back tears of joy!


Chevron and CO2 Sequestration

March 27, 2012


The Chevron Corporation is an American multinational energy corporation headquartered in San Ramon, California, United States and active in more than 180 countries.

In February of 2011 a court in Ecuador found Chevron guilty of illegally dumping billions of gallons of toxic water into the Amazon’s waterways knowing that they were also the source of drinking water for thousands of local inhabitants. The resultant cancer epidemic has killed thousands of indigenous people and continues to threaten the lives of thousands more. The company was found to not having lined its waste pits knowing that the pollution they cause would bring harm to the local inhabitants through contamination of their drinking water, the reason given for not lining them was that it was too expensive to do so.

The lawsuit which tool 8 years to come to a resolution is over now and Chevron’s message to the world has been nothing short of “monstrous”, bad enough that during the trial in Ecuador, Chevron operated a corporate espionage campaign out of its San Ramon and Quito offices hiring no less than four private investigation firms to carry out various plots in an effort to derail the lawsuit; having lost the suit they then said they would never pay the $18 Billion in damages the court judged was owed to the inhabitants of Ecuador, they then sold all their major assets and left the country in a real hurry.

You would think that Chevron would have learned some lessons from its Ecuadorian trials yet not too long after, in Brazil, officials were expected to file criminal charges against Chevron alleging that the company acted irresponsibly before and after a November leak of 3,000 barrels of oil at Chevron’s $3.6 billion Frade field off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian federal police department stated that the deep water well Chevron drilled could not and should not have been drilled under the conditions presented in the area, soon after the police statement a second leak was detected from one of Chevron’s wells on March 16 of this year prompting a Brazilian judge to bar Chevron’s Brazil chief, George Buck, and other executives from leaving the country until an investigation has been completed.

You think that’s bad?

Chevron is the largest holder of natural gas resources in Australia and is the leader in the development of the Gorgon Gas Project, the largest single-resource project in Australia. The $43 billion project was started in 2010 and is expected to be brought online in 2014.

The Gorgon project includes the construction of a 15 million tonne per annum Liquefied Natural Gas plant on Barrow Island and a domestic gas plant with the capacity to provide 300 terajoules per day to supply gas to Western Australia. The Gorgon Project is said to be one of the most greenhouse gas efficient LNG developments in the world, due largely to its global scale CO2 injection project that will sequester naturally occurring CO2 in the gas from the Gorgon and Jansz reservoirs.

Judging by their previous record of environmental incompetency across the world let us all hope all that CO2 that will be sequestered during the Gorgon project operations never manages to escape into the atmosphere. I also hope that someone in the Australian government is keeping a good eye on this company and I also hope they choose to look up just who, where and why gave the go ahead for the project and that all environmental impact assessments were properly done, if Chevron’s record in Ecuador and Brazil is anything to go by, this is one company which should never be trusted.

In 2005, the largest earthquakes in Western Australia were NW of Marble Bar (22 Mar, mag 4.4), east of Port Hedland (18 May, mag 4.6), west of Burakin ( 12 June, mag 4.5). The event at Burakin represents a continuation of activity in the area, which reached a peak approximately four years ago. The event east of Port Hedland was felt widely in the region.

The region around Cadoux has continued to be very active seismically, with significant earthquake swarms north of Koorda (principally late May), north of Kalannie ( principally late September), and north of Beacon.

I only wrote the last two statements because of lately, all reports of any earthquakes in the region, the last of which I believe struck Barrow Island in 2000, have began to disappear from websites.

I wonder why?

Perils of a Carbon Tax

March 25, 2012


Australians have looked after the environment for decades, there is very little we won’t do in order to preserve even the smallest piece of land just to make sure some old rat or bandicoot gets to have a home, we have been known to stop even the largest of projects (the Franklin River dam being just one example) in order to give nature a chance but when we say “enough is enough” then people better learn to listen, we won’t stand for those who go too far in looking after nature at the expense of what we believe are common sense issues.

Julia Gillard promised us there would be no carbon tax, this was fair enough as anybody who has any sort of common sense would tell you it will do no good adding a tax to coal consumption (in order to force coal companies to stop burning coal) when in fact all they’re then going to do is to pass on the costs of the new tax to the consumers. It should have been obvious to one and all that should such a tax ever be introduced then the only losers would have to be the poor Aussie battler families who could least afford it, but no, did Julia listen? no she didn’t. She didn’t give a hoot about our economic necessities and proved it when in order to retain political power she went against her promise and introduced the tax anyway … right after she lied to us by telling us she wouldn’t do it.

Nobody believed us when we told her we’d pay her back for it but the complete and utter annihilation of the Labor Party in the Queensland elections should be more than enough proof that Australians always keep their word. The environment might be important, as are so many other issues, but we Aussies will not stand for any political party that will place the needs of overseas/corporate or even political interests ahead of what we in our country wish to have.

DESTROYED! that is the only word that can be used when describing the complete and utter humiliation of what can only be seen as the worst electoral outcome ever suffered by a party in power in Australia’s history, the Queensland Labor Party has suffered such a horrendous defeat at the polls that it is now expected they will be out of power for at least a generation … not long enough, I say.

We want a clean country and a clean world but we also want it done in a manner that serves the interests of the people, not just by filling the coffers of the treasury with the profits from an unwanted and useless tax. See you at the next Federal Elections, Julia … I’m sure you know which way I’ll be voting.

Oh, and one more thing … those back room party boys, you know, the ones who wielded the axe Julia used to chop off Kevin Rudd’s political neck, just you watch how we get rid of them too … Aussies elect their own leaders, not some idiot in the pay of corporations … watch us remove them as well … one by one.

Global Warming by Degrees

March 19, 2012

Global warming is now a global concern, in the last few decades the global average temperature has warmed up by just 1 Deg. C. and already it has had a dramatic effect on the well being of our animals, plants and other living organisms, though the warming has so far been at the lower end of all predictions by now it should be painfully obvious to all of us that the the effects we are witnessing are very much on the high end of any prediction ever made about Global Warming.

But just what effects were we expecting? Conditions like the melting glaciers and the sea ice, a shifting rain patterns and the rising of ocean levels maybe some of the most alarming signs of global warming but it doesn’t appear like these are the only disasters that will affect us in the future.

Threats from global warming range from the destruction of coral reefs to more extreme weather events like hurricanes, super-storm cells, long lasting droughts and very severe flooding. In many parts of the world all of these events are becoming very real indeed as the world’s average temperature continues its non stop climb into regions that will soon be felt by virtually everybody.

Even now there have been some horrendous changes in our agricultural industries which in order to manage crop planting and production depend not only on good solid rainfalls but also on steady and predictable seasons; these rain patterns however, as well as the seasons, have changed so much in recent years that farmers may now be considered to be in the front line of a war to feed an ever increasing world population.

These videos will show you a degree by degree analysis of what is in store for all of us unless we do something to mitigate the rising temperatures.

K-thupptting the skeptics

March 16, 2012

Sorry, this blog was accidentally damaged

Arctic Haze

March 15, 2012

Walking through the North pole in the year 1893, the Norwegian explorer and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Fridtjof Nansen, noticed the ice under his feet was covered in dark stains, this left him puzzled as to why and how such a pristine area might become so dirty.

Even before Nansen’s trip to the pole other explorers and whalers as far back as the year 1750 had not only seen the same stains but had also noticed a foggy layer which appeared to surround the northern skies.

This phenomenon is now known as Arctic Haze, a seasonal effect caused by trans-boundary anthropogenic pollution notably the burning of fossil fuels and especially coal-burning in Asian power plants; many of the pollutants are sulfur, mercury, aluminium, vanadium, manganese, and the rest is carbon, this gives the haze an unusual reddish colour.

Although other greenhouse gases are helping to thaw the arctic ice sheets the haze is also an obvious source of our global climate problems as it is part of the man made phenomenon of Global Dimming. During the dark Arctic winters the haze mixes with thin clouds allowing them to trap heat more easily, this is due to the fact that there is no precipitation to wash out the aerosols out of the sky.

Depending on the quantities of pollutants present the haze may show various colors. A major problem with Arctic Haze is that because of the lack of precipitation the chemicals may remain in the atmosphere for considerable periods of time raising the temperatures by up to 5.4 Deg. C during the winter season.

Readers wishing to do some further research on the Arctic Haze phenomenon might like to read this excellent research paper from the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska

Global Dimming – Its causes and effects

March 14, 2012

Since the year 1950 there has been a slow yet steady drop in solar radiation, in fact the level of radiation reaching the surface of our planet has dropped by 9% in Antarctica, 10% in the USA, 30% in areas of Russia and by 16% in parts of Britain. Overall the average drop in solar radiation has been estimated to be a staggering 22%, an amount which climate scientists consider to be “enormous” and which may present a grave danger to our environment.

The drop in solar radiation, now known as Global Dimming, had until its discovery helped to hide the rises in temperatures caused by global warming, in other words, had it not been for the dimming of the atmosphere we might have noticed AGW early enough to do something about it way back when it might have been possible to implement easier solutions.

So take note: Global Dimming and Global Warming are two distinct and separate effects both of which will have disastrous consequences for humanity unless we can solve both problems together, should we attempt to fix either one separately then the resultant conditions will most likely kill us all. It is important that all readers understand this.

The cause of Global Dimming has been found to be changes in the earth’s atmosphere due to the fact that almost anything we do to gain useful energy creates pollutants. What happens is that tiny airborne particles of soot and other such minute particles created by fossil fuel burning and other types of human activities combine in the air to create an atmospheric haze; in some areas this haze may be more than 3Km thick and helps to cut down on sunlight reaching Earth’s oceans by more than 10%.

Global Dimming is a cooling effect that has so far (incredibly) saved us from a runaway greenhouse but which left unresolved will in the end help bring about the perfect conditions for the greenhouse effect to take hold to such an extent that it will be out of our control and we will be unable to do anything about it.

Satellite images and field data have shown that global dimming is happening all over the world and combines with global warming to cause severe changes in our planet’s rainfall patterns bringing about droughts and famines of biblical proportions such as the 1984 Saharan drought that killed millions of people in Africa.

Despite the dimming effect scientists agree that global warming has increased our planet’s atmosphere by an average of 1 Deg. Yet were it not for the cooling effect of Global Dimming our temperatures would be much higher posing an existential threat to all species on earth.

Both Anthropogenic Global Warming and the Dimming effect produced by our industrial pollutants are so intertwined that attempting to fix one without doing nothing about the other may very well bring about conditions able to increase global temperatures by a further 2 Deg. or even 3 Deg. Celsius, levels which as Dr Hansen puts it, “Guarantees Disaster” for all of us.

The videos on the sidebar will show readers a documentary explaining the entire phenomenon of Global Dimming, its causes and effects, I encourage you to watch them.





Addendum : As extra reference material I managed to find this article from the New York Times, although posted in 2004. I find it amazing that very little of the Global Dimming Effect has been mentioned by the media for such a long time.

After a Period of Brightness, Earth Dims, Researchers Say

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