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Charting the Climate Change

March 3, 2012

Unless you are a recent arrival on planet Earth or have spent the last three decades in a state of suspended animation inside some cryogenic tank hidden deep within the depths of an old nuclear silo it is more than possible that you are already aware of the climate warming debate currently being conducted across the globe by a great number of men and women who call themselves “scientists”.

It is a funny thing this debate, both sides have been making claim and counter-claim for and against climate change for over forty years now; it has in fact been a battle of scientific and political mind games that has so far resulted in expenditures of many billions of dollars and taught the ordinary citizens of our world very little if nothing at all about what is happening with our planet’s weather.

It’s the truth, isn’t it? All those billions of dollars worth of grants and funding and the best these educated men and women can deliver us for their labors is nothing more than pretty sets of silly looking charts showing a few odd numbers, some beautiful colors and a bedazzling array of explanations which I am sure would give even Einstein a run for his money. In fact they are so bad scientists have spent decades arguing amongst themselves as to their validity.

Perhaps the scientists believe that such charts are all that is required of them but it is also entirely possible that the horrendousness of their explanations will leave most ordinary folks wondering if it really is worthwhile continuing to fund universities through their tax dollars when the only things these people can show for all their years of education at our expense look little more than color-in books full of dots and lines made up of meaningless figures they call “anomalies”.

Still, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, after months of careful research I finally  managed to find one single chart (out of all the myriad of virtual rubbish out there) which has actually been published using normal temperature readings of the kind ordinary citizens are used to; the chart was made using data from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS).

Maybe now some of us can finally make up our minds as to whether Global Warming is real or not. Personally I already have, I hope it works for you.

(Note: The original chart does not contain the decade 2000-2010 so I browsed the GISS site and retrieved the data from there myself, I then amended the chart as shown above, you can find the figures here if you wish to verify them)

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