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Blame it on the sea lions ..

February 29, 2012

Once upon a time there were some 30 million metric tonnes of jack mackerel in our oceans, the fish is an important part of aquaculture as it is used to feed farmed salmon as well as being a natural food for ocean salmon and many other fish. Today that all important stock is down to less than 3 million tonnes after some two decades of overfishing. The damaged to these fish stocks (as well as others) has been done by a global fishing fleet estimated to consist of over 4 million fishing vessels sailing the oceans of the world.

We can thank God that these fish have no arms otherwise whatever is left of them might well pick up weapons and come after humanity as retaliation for what they might rightly consider to be fish genocide.  Other species of fish have also been virtually fished out of the water, 52% of all fish stocks are now being fully exploited and 7% are fully depleted in what has been one of the most atrocious endeavors ever accomplished by mankind.

You might not think much of this but when you consider that in order to keep on fishing these stocks the Chilean government has decided to blame the lack of jack Mackerel on “sea lions” then things take a turn for the worse as far as survival of the species is concerned. Yes; you read it right, the Chilean government is about to begin a systematic cull and capture of sea lions in their waters and the stupidity of their plan is only surpassed by their statement of justification over such a cull which goes something like this:

“We have been in contact with leaders of fisheries from different parts of the region, who all expressed concerns regarding this ecological imbalance,……Every day that passes, the damage to productive sectors from sea lion overpopulation is increasing.”

The Chileans say that the sea lions are costing them an estimated $140 million dollars worth of fish a year but when you consider that an adult male will eat some 3700 Kg of fish a year then not only are we supposed to believe that they eat a lot more than that, it would mean that all the sea lions that inhabit the world’s oceans are now concentrating around Chilean waters in order to deprive humanity of their much needed mackerel.

Another part of their plan is that those sea lions which by some miracle are captured instead of being killed will be sold to zoos, animal shows and circuses. I don’t know what you readers think of this but I would imagine that the captain of the sea shepherd might soon have a new cause to fight for.

I shall not bother to mention that sea lions are also a very important part of the ecology of the Galapagos islands, I am sure the Chileans thought of that one and how and in which way will killing so many sea lions add to the many species already threatened by Global Warming.

Then again …. maybe they haven’t!

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